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                                   The Cirencester & District Air Rifle & Pistol League
                                                League Secretary Tony Clack

The Club shoots its Air Rifle & Pistol Schedules on Tuesday evenings at the new Village Hall at Down Ampney,
Nr Cirencester Glos from 7pm until 10pm, shooting with .177 Air Rifle and Pistols.

Aperture sights are allowed but not telescopic sights. The League owns some air rifles and air pistols which may be
used by League Members usually after an inauguration period, Members will buy their own weapons so that they can
set the sights to suit themselves and perhaps achieve better scores.

The League welcomes well behaved youngsters, who, of course, will be given instruction in the art of shooting.

The League was founded in 1932, and apart from the war years when it was shut down, (Click on the Gallery Tab
above) it has been on the go ever since. Because of the generosity of the League Members, who have donated Cups
and Trophies, there is, every Tuesday shooting evening at least one Cup or Trophy and often more, to be fired for.
The winners are presented with their respective Trophies during the League Annual Awards Presentation evening.
These they keep for a period of one year before handing it back to the League Organisers.

This does mean that the League fires a massive evening shooting session, which of course, promotes the better
members who may wish to shoot for their County of Gloucestershire of even to higher events such as selection for
the English Air Rifle Squad. For example, Tony Clack (our Secretary) is currently the Gloucestershire (UK) County
Captain. Selection to the England team involves shooting 60 shots at 10 metres Air Rifle or Air Pistol.

Worth mentioning here is the fact that our Secretary (Tony Clack) has fired in the English Air Rifle Team and was
proud to be the England Air Rifle Captain in 1982. Also of note is that one of our Young Shooters (Carolyn Bayram)
also fired for the England Ladies, and was once England Ladies Air Rifle Champion.

Fees. A note about the fees involved for the Cirencester and District Air Rifle and Pistol League – All members have
to individually pay their current annual fees.
Monday evening shooting competitions. New members do not have to pay for their first evening with us (i.e. no signing
on fee for the Club) but then all members pay £4.00 (adults) per evening with School Children a fee of only £2.00.
There is a reasonable family fee in force at the time of editing this web page.

This message posted on on 4th June 2014.


1. Never point any weapon at any person. Please note that air pistols are especially dangerous and the newer type of
gas filled weapons are not to be loaned out to anyone who does not know how to operate them.

2. No weapon to be fired for any reason off the range.

3. Very important. All weapons on the shooting range are to be pointed down the range, not at the floor the ceiling
or over your shoulder. If you need a rest from the aiming position, rest the weapon on the shooting table in front of
you pointing down range.

4. Individual radios with headphones are not allowed.

5. Juniors. Only one junior is allowed at one shooting table at any time all other juniors stay well away, off the
shooting range. Of course, a junior may be instructed, but only one at one table.

6. All persons are responsible for safety. All committee members and all members of each team on target duty
for each shooting evening.

So now, shoot safely, wisely and enjoy your shooting!


Members will know that at the beginning of January 2007 the Government announced proposals to introduce further
Firearms Legislation as part of their effort to reduce the anti-social behaviour that is now becoming prevalent in this
country. Last month, the Anti-Social Behaviour Bill was published which contains 82 sections. Generally speaking
each of the sections are amendments to existing Acts of Parliament. Sections 42 to 44 amend Firearms Legislation
and a summary of the detailed impact is given below.

Section 42 Possession of air weapons or imitation firearm in public place.
It will be an offence to have in a public place an air weapon (whether loaded or not) or imitation firearm without lawful
authority or reasonable excuse. Previously it was only an offence if an air gun was loaded which meant that the Police
were often unable to apprehend those guilty of vandalism or nuisance. The British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC)
and the NSRA, support this Section. It should do much to prevent vandalism and misuse and, so long as reasonable
excuse is properly interpreted, should not affect legitimate shooters.

Section 43 Air weapons: age limit
It will be an offence for a person under the age of 17 (previously 14) to have with him an air weapon or ammunition
for an air weapon, unless supervised by a person over the age of 21. It will also be an offence for a person under 17
to own an air gun.

That gives us serious concerns. It appears that a person under 17 will no longer be able to shoot or train on private
land unless supervised by somebody over the age of 21 and will not be able to carry his or her air rifle to the club
unless it is Home Office approved. The Home Office do not have a category of air gun club approval.
The BSSC, and the NSRA are strongly opposed to the inclusion of this Section. Given that Section 42 now makes
it an offence to have an airgun in a public place, whether loaded or not without good reason, we do not believe this
amendment is necessary. This view is shared by ACPO.

Section 44 Prohibition of certain air weapons
This amendment to the Act will enable the Government to prohibit or restrict the manufacture, sale or transfer of
certain air guns without the need to amend further the current legislation.

Whilst we understand the reason for this amendment, namely that tandem cartridge air guns (e.g. Brococks) have
been converted to fire live ammunition (there have been at least 100 seizures of modified guns), we are concerned
the powers given in this section could be used by a Home Secretary without proper debate in Parliament.

The above points are given here for information. If you have any strong views about any of them then please talk to
your Club Secretary or contact your local MP direct.

Tony Clack
Secretary CADARC                                                                                                        17th May 2018